The introduction of the iPad has changed the way educators think about mobile learning. The only problem is, how are educators supposed to develop meaningful mobile learning for the iPad without becoming an Objective-C developer? The answer is easy: HTML5 authoring using Hype by Tumult. Hype allows for creation of interactive HTML5-based presentations with a learning curve that is much easier than similar products like Flash. Best of all it works on iPad, or anything with a modern browser. You can also export your creations as iBooks widgets that you can insert in custom-made eBooks using freely available software from the Mac App Store.

Participants in this session will learn how to use Hype to create engaging multimedia learning as well as how to make your HTML5 Web apps function like native apps on the iPad.

In this session, you will learn:

  • HTML5-based animation
  • HTML5-based interactivity
  • iBooks Author widget creation
  • How to create Web apps that feel like native iPad apps

Novice designers and developers - no prior knowledge needed but experience with MS PowerPoint or Adobe Captivate would be helpful. This session is valuable for educators who want to develop interactive training for iPads (or any modern browser) or custom widgets for iPad-based eBooks but don't want to become computer programmers.