“Build it and they will come” isn’t an implementation strategy that guarantees widespread adoption of a new corporate program, let alone its success. Yet when it comes to implementing enterprise-wide social networks, it’s tempting to think that employees will “get it” because of feature similarities with external social networks like Facebook. It’s common to hear of organizations deploying an enterprise social network with high initial enthusiasm, only to see that initial reception wane within a short time following the rollout. The fact is, even a supposedly easy social networking platform can fail at any point during its implementation if the organizational change effects are ignored.

Participants in this case-study session will discover the seven stages of program adoption experienced by Kareo during its implementation of Yammer’s enterprise social-business platform. You’ll learn the characteristics of each stage from initial awareness to internalization, the pitfalls and symptoms of resistance, along with the solutions and lessons that Kareo learned at each stage.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The seven-stage change adoption model Kareo used during its implementation
  • The characteristics of organizational sentiment when change is perceived to be negative
  • The characteristics of organizational sentiment when change is perceived to be positive
  • How team composition and roles comprising the implementation task force manage community and program adoption

Audience: Novice and intermediate project managers, managers, directors, VPs, CLOs, executives, and agents of change. There are no special prerequisites.