Most instructional designers aren't sure why they should care about HTML5 since eLearning companies promise that their software will make it easy to publish in HTML5. Meanwhile, the widely used Internet Explorer doesn't even fully support HTML5 and other experts swear that Web apps and hybrid apps are a better solution than HTML5 or Flash. When your organization is small and you don't have the technical expertise, how do you sift through all of the declaration and debate to determine what technology is best for your organization? And does it even matter?

Session participants will learn five reasons designers should care about HTML5. You'll walk away from this session able to explain, in layman's terms, what HTML5 is and why your organization should (or shouldn't) be concerned about it. More importantly, you will be able to modify your technology strategy to prepare your organization for the changes that devices and software using HTML5 will bring.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What HTML5 is and how to explain it to others
  • The implications of HTML5 for Web design, mobile learning, and eLearning
  • The facts behind the HTML5 vs. Flash debate
  • What to do to make sure your organization's learning technology strategy is ready
  • What BP is doing to prepare its learning technology strategy for HTML 5 and mobile

Novice-to-advanced designers, developers, managers and others interested in having a jargon-free, simplified explanation of HTML5 and the implications of the technology for their organization.