Virtual classroom materials contain blocks of content reused in a number of deliverables with the order of the blocks and images customized to the client specifications. Some content blocks might have a single word or image be different depending on the target audience. How do you personalize variations in an otherwise consistent use of content, manage content changes that reside in multiple outputs, and plan for single sourcing with an existing library of content? The more content you have, the harder it becomes to manage the use of and changes in content assets. Typically, single sourcing is an afterthought - you don't realize you need it until you already have a large content library.

Sesson participants will learn how planning and implementing single-source content requires analysis, planning, and execution that relies on changing how you think about your content. You'll learn that you need a single-source tool like an LCMS or an LCMS-lite product like MadCap Flare that allows for the single-sourcing and meta-tagging of content to permit targeting of the content output for a specific audience. You'll learn how single sourcing with meta-tagging improves consistency, productivity, and scalability of content; but you must analyze your existing content and train your brain to think single source

In this session, you will learn:

  • Single-source concepts
  • Content migration strategies
  • The power of meta-data tagging
  • How MadCap products are a good first start

Novice and intermediate designers, developers, and project managers. Knowledge of basic single-sourcing concepts is helpful, but is not required.