We're declaring war - on bad Webinars. And we want you to join us. Like most revolutions, this one is both against something and for something. We're against mundane talking-head PowerPoint presentations. We're against doing things the same way we used to. We're against working alone in silos. We're for captivating our audience through eloquent delivery and beautiful design. We're for pushing the limits of our technology. We're for amplifying what works and what doesn't. We're for synergy and sharing.

You will learn directly from the organizers of this movement - two of the industry's leaders in Webinar design and delivery. Join the movement and discover how to ensure your Webinar experience is not a crappy one. Based on our newest book, The Webinar Manifesto, this session will lay out the seven Webinar Manifesto principles that you must live by if you want to design and deliver killer Webinars.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to connect or crash
  • How to captivate or alienate
  • How to cage the monsters
  • How to shut down the ugly
  • How to humanize the screen
  • How to crack the feedback code

Anyone interested in creating lively, captivating Webinars. No prior knowledge needed.