Creating an effective eLearning course while making it engaging and personalized for the learners is a common challenge any developer has, especially when having to work within time and budget limits. How can you use effects and (free) widgets in combination with advanced actions to achieve this goal? This introduction to the use of effects and widgets controlled by advanced actions will broaden your view on Adobe Captivate as authoring tool.

Participants in this session will focus on using effects and (free) widgets to create pre-tests, personalize content based on the result of the pre-test, and allow the learner to collect personal notes and to collaborate with peers. You'll learn tips, tricks, and pitfalls to avoid when using those advanced Captivate functions. What you learn in this session will help you to judge non-free widget functionalities. Even basic use of those extended capabilities will allow you to create more engaging eLearning content (almost) without increasing developing time.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to choose, apply and customize effects
  • About the different widget types
  • How to choose and use (free) widgets
  • How to control effects with advanced actions (with pitfalls)
  • How to use widget variables in advanced actions

Intermediate designers and developers with some experience with the basic functionalities of Adobe Captivate terminology, and its user interface.