If you know how to use advanced actions and variables in Adobe Captivate, you have the ability to create eLearning that is a huge cut above the standard fare. Your lessons can feel custom-made for each user, allowing for very “individually directed” learning. Come and learn just how far you can go with Captivate 6 using advanced actions with variables!

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to set up branching mechanisms to accommodate different learner progress
  • How to use system variables to give your learning apps an "in-the-moment" look and feel
  • How to create user variables to track many different elements of your learning
  • How to create both simple and advanced actions, and what the differences are between them
  • How to create both standard and conditional advanced actions to give you a lot more power to create excellent eLearning
  • How to amaze learners with vibrant, dynamic experiences by controlling what objects do when you deem fit