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Performance Support Symposium 2012 - September 14, 2012

Kent Barnett

Founder and CEO
KnowledgeAdvisors, Inc.

The old adage, "You can't manage what you don't measure," certainly applies to performance support. If you don't measure it effectively you will most likely under-invest or over-invest in it; you won't know what adjustments to make to it to drive higher performance. If your competitors are analyzing it and you aren't, you are likely at a competitive disadvantage. Slight improvements to performance support solutions can often result in huge productivity gains.

This session will examine performance support analytics and explain how they fit into your overall learning analytics. Participants will learn how to implement a comprehensive yet cost-effective measurement solution for performance support. You will find out what you should measure, what you should do with the data, and how measurement can improve your strategic program impact.


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