To become part of the fabric of how work is performed on the job requires constant self-assessment and re-invention, and, most importantly, adopting a comprehensive learning-analytics strategy. The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) constantly measures all its learning products and services, including classroom training, distance learning courses, continuous learning courses, mission assistance activities, and knowledge sharing assets. DAU analyzes the results from an effectiveness, efficiency, and outcome perspective including multi-year trends and projections to the future - their usage, relevancy, quality, cost, and job impact. When gaps and/or deficiencies are found, it rapidly moves to meet the need or requirement.

Participants in this session will explore DAU's award-winning performance-learning strategy and business alignment, examine the importance of measuring formal and informal learning assets, and look at measurement tools the DAU uses, the DAU's existing learning-analytics program, and the DAU's steps to the future.