KEYNOTE: How to Scam Your Way to Success

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DevLearn 2012 Conference & Expo - October 31, 2012

Brian Brushwood

Scam School Creator, Podcast Host, Author, and Entertainer

Trick and treat! Halloween at DevLearn includes an evening with the amazing Brian Brushwood - magician, entertainer, Podcast host, and author who's wise to the tricks of frauds and scam artists. In his books, videos, and Podcasts he treats his fans to a healthy dose of wit and wisdom, teaching the tricks of the trade and the human psychology behind it all. Don't let the hair spikes fool you ... he gets it! And when it comes to tech and teaching he's leading the revolution. Join your eLearning colleagues as Mr. Brushwood takes us all to Scam School, and to a Halloween you'll never forget!

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