KEYNOTE: Braving a New World: Innovation in Avatar and What Lies Ahead

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DevLearn 2012 Conference & Expo - October 31, 2012

Jon Landau

Academy Award-winning Producer of Avatar

Jon Landau embraces technology so aggressively and successfully that he's earned an Academy Award and two Golden Globes for his work producing the two highest grossing movies of all-time, Avatar and Titanic. His understanding of complex technologies, his experience working with creative talent of the highest caliber, and his ability to motivate people has enabled him to have a significant impact on the motion picture industry. At DevLearn, Mr. Landau will share his keen film-industry insights and management and motivational philosophies. He will encourage you to lead your organization, your career, and your life into the brave new world of technology, and the creative possibilities that lie ahead.

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