This Q&A session presents findings from the 2012 eLearning Guild Research Report on mLearning by eLearning Guild Research Director Patti Shank and report author Clark Quinn. Although many people think that mobile learning is something to consider for the future, the report presents data that, in fact, the time to consider going forward with mobile learning is now.

Participants in this session will get data from Guild members and other sources showing that mobile proliferation is increasing at an ever-faster rate and is now changing the way people work, play, and learn. As the Guild mobile report says, “The reason mobile is so powerful is that it takes the perfect complement and makes it available anywhere and any when. We can be more productive, more powerful, in more places, at more times.”

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why this is a good time to start mLearning initiatives
  • The biggest opportunities with mLearning
  • Ways that pocket-device usage differs from tablet and laptop usage
  • How Guild members are using mobile devices at work
  • Guild member’s shifts in mLearning development platforms over time
  • Which Guild members are using mLearning
  • How Guild members view mLearning barriers

Audience: This presentation is appropriate for all levels.

Technology discussed in this session: Devices: Pocket, Tablets, Laptops.  OS: Various