Mobile is not the right solution for every need. Many considerations go into selecting mobile – a decision based on rational, need-based criteria. Equally important is selecting the development application you will use to build a mobile solution. It must work in your infrastructure, which can be a difficult proposition.

Session participants will see case studies using two new decision-making tools that will help you determine if mobile is the best delivery method for the learning initiative, and if so, how to create the mobile solution. The first tool guides you through the learning or performance needs you must consider before landing on a mobile solution. The second assists in selecting the correct development application.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How "traditional" delivery and mobile delivery facilitate effective knowledge transfer for different learning needs
  • Ways in which mobile learning can target on-the-job performance improvement
  • Criteria to use in assessing a learning or performance need
  • How to interpret your assessment to determine the best delivery method
  • How to choose which mobile platforms to support
  • When to use apps and when to use mobile websites
  • How to determine whether to buy or build apps
  • Criteria for choosing what authoring tools to use to develop apps

Technology discussed in this session: iOS, Android, mobile phones, and tablets in general.

Audience: Intermediate participants should understand adult learning theory, how workers learn, and how best to create learning for on-the-job training. Experience selecting earlier delivery methods and some experience selecting authoring tools will be helpful.