For companies with huge numbers of mobile employees - salespeople, retailers, regional operations, technicians, contractors, and so forth - it can be difficult to reach the population in a targeted time period. Training 50,000 people in multiple locations would take almost a year in classroom sessions. With mobile learning solutions, you can reach vast numbers of learners in only three to four hours - without any specific technical competence or device requirements.

In this case-study session, participants will learn how to train 50,000 people at different locations in half a day. You'll learn about Turkcell Academy's journey from chalk to mobile as the organization sought the most effective use of mobile learning and you'll see examples of mobile training sessions.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to lower your training costs and increase efficiency by applying mobile learning solutions
  • How to design effective blended learning solutions by combining classroom training and distance learning
  • How to reach large numbers of participants in different locations at the same time
  • How to find the limits of mobile learning

Technology discussed in this session: Turkcell Mobile Learning LCMS Platform.

Audience: No prior knowledge necessary.