Using mLearning in blended designs solves five distinct issues: (1) professional networking needs blocked by time, space, organizational, and geographical boundaries, (2) reduced travel for professional development programs, (3) inadquate assessment or understanding of learning transfer rates, (4) the learning preferences or needs of a time-strapped audience and the generational shifts, and (5) creating a rich library of distinct learning assets for just-in-time needs for the innovative organization.

Participants in this session will learn in-depth descriptions of the innovative use of mlearning in multiple blended designs. These designs allow organizations and associations to create communities of practice so professionals can develop and/or share best practices even when separated by various boundaries. MLearning, by definition, answers the learning needs of time-strapped professionals who need information in easy-accessible formats, and as part of a blended program, provides the ability to track learning transfer rates and thus create meaningful return-on-investment data.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The components of multiple blended learning designs
  • Creative uses of mlearning to assist in tracking transfer of learning rates
  • How to implement blended learning to create communities of practice in ways that align with organizational strategy
  • Repurpose learning assets for emerging learning gaps
  • How to create a learning platform that addresses learning needs of time-strapped professionals and emerging learning preferences

Technology discussed in this session: Podcasts, Wikis, and Social Exchange Platform with Microcommunities.

Audience: Participants should have a working understanding of instructional design and blended learning.