Oracle created a series of learning tutorials called "Oracle by Example" or OBEs. These are brief, hands-on labs designed to give developers and database administrators hands-on experience with Oracle technologies. The learning team creates OBEs using a simple HTML template. Recently, they noticed a trend in their end-users accessing the content from a variety of mobile devices. To meet the growing demand for mobile-ready content, they redesigned the OBE template using HTML5.

This case-study session addresses the the transition from the original to the updated, mobile-ready HTML5 OBE template. Session participants will walk-through populating the HTML5 template, see "on-the-fly" output, and a demonstration of an HTML5 OBE on mobile devices. Curriculum developers will get a simple approach to converting hands-on learning content to a mobile format requiring only limited knowledge of HTML5 and access to an HTML editor to create. Curriculum managers will get a simple approach to transitioning to mobile-ready learning.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to improve access to hands-on content by creating mobile-ready learning deliverables
  • How to create hands-on content using a simple HTML5 template
  • How to edit and tailor the content using a simple HTML editor
  • What the content looks like when viewed on a variety of mobile devices, from the end-user's perspective

Technology discussed in this session: In-house created HTML5 template, Crimson HTML editor, laptop, iPad mobile simulator, Android tablet mobile simulator, and Kindle Fire.

Audience: Curriculum developers and managers who have a basic knowledge of HTML5, instructional design for hands-on eLearning, and designing for mobile devices.