Just like the Internet and the Web transformed online learning in a fundamental way (from stand-alone desktop to a networking paradigm), the spread of mobile and wireless technologies have the potential to transform learning yet again to the next level. How will mobile and wireless technology impact learning and learning management systems?

Participants in this session will explore emerging mobile learning and performance technologies. Key topics addressed include trends in mobile and wireless technology; the use of iPad, iPhone, Android, and other technologies in learning and performance support; and mobile learning applications. You will learn about ways to integrate with business processes, workflows, and business applications; approaches to workplace and personal productivity; methods for blending traditional and mobile learning paradigms, and see case studies in mobile learning and performance.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to add mobile learning and performance to your learning technology toolbox to plan and design mobile learning programs
  • How to select the right mobile and wireless technologies to solve performance and productivity problems
  • The criteria for selecting the right kind of mobile and wireless technology
  • How to differentiate between learning/courseware models and performance support in the mobile technology context
  • Ways to integrate learning and knowledge support with day-to-day tasks and workflows

Technology discussed in this session: Tablet and smartphone (Android or Apple iPhone)

Audience: Intermediate designers, developers, CLOs, and other learning and electronic performance-support designers with a basic understanding of distance learning, instructional design, and electronic performance support.