Engaging employees is more challenging today than ever before. Gamification, when done properly and applied within a long term learning strategy, can increase employee engagement as well as increase participation in non-mandated learning programs and ultimately improve performance. To successfully leverage gamification within training and performance improvement solutions we need to understand why game mechanics work, how to leverage them to support our performance goals, and ideas on ways to create a seamless experience that maximizes the impact on our learners.

Participants in this session will get a gamification overview, and learn key game mechanics that have been successfully applied in learning solutions. You'll discover how they influence our behavior by meeting certain universal human needs and desires. You'll learn best practices by seeing how organizations have benefited from applying game-based sensibilities to instruction using a variety of techniques and mash-ups. You will look at next steps to implement gamification techniques, including ways to leverage common tools (e-mail, text, etc.) in implementing your solution.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How the growing trend of gamification impacts our daily behavior and why it works
  • What game mechanics motivate learner's behavior and why they are effective
  • How organizations are using and have benefited from applying game-based sensibilities
  • Where to start when incorporating time-based activities, leaderboards, leveling-up, storytelling, and other techniques
  • How to leverage internal tools at your disposal today (e-mail, text, QR codes, etc) to help implement your plan

Technology discussed in this session: Various mobile technologies.

Audience: Novice. No prerequisite knowledge required.