By combining the efficacy of complex branching simulations with the power and access of tablet devices, trainers now have an option to reach their targeted audiences wherever they may be. When designing learning solutions, developers and trainers need to consider the overall experience they want to provide to their participants and incorporate mobile where it can best serve the experience they want to achieve and the needs of the audience.

Participants in this session will learn about the Experience Design methodology which looks at the Student Experience as they are engaged and the Organizational Experience that results from the blend of activities. You'll discover the idea of Micro Learning Simulations, which are shorter sims that can be effectively deployed to tablets and which utilize existing resources or assets so that efforts are not duplicated.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to utilize existing assets to move to mobile, and how to go from mobile back to other modalities
  • How to design Micro Learning Simulations that are a good fit for tablets
  • How to determine which modality is appropriate for which learning objective
  • The Experience Design Methodology for considering both the individual and the organizational experience
  • How to create an Anchor Story that you can use across modalities to optimize the learning process

Technology discussed in this session: iPads

Audience: Intermediate participants should have some experience in desiging and deploying learning solutions, as you will be building on existing efforts and extend them into the mobile space.