From Vision to Plan: Developing an Organization's mLearning Strategy

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mLearnCon 2012 - June 19, 2012

Gray Fowler

V.P. Custom Services
Net Dimensions

Gary Woodill

CEO and Senior Analyst
i5 Research

Mobile learning is finally coming of age, and many organizations are preparing to implement mobile learning in the coming year. Some start by simply choosing a mobile technology, but the problem is much more complex than this. Conceiving, designing, developing and implementing a mobile learning project is a major undertaking that requires building a mobile learning strategy for your company based on business objectives and the unique characteristics of mobile learning.

Participants in this interactive working session will get a roadmap of 40 "decision points" you'll need to consider in developing your own mobile learning strategy. To illustrate the process, you'll see a case study on developing a mobile learning implementation for a major pharmaceutical company. Each participant will get a "mobile learning strategy" template to fill out during the workshop, which, along with the strategy map, you can use for your own organization.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The ecology of mobile learning and all the components that make it possible
  • A high-level view of the planning process for mobile learning
  • The choices you need to make in order to implement mobile learning
  • The choices made by other organizations
  • How to develop a high-level strategy map to use in discussions within your own organization

Technology discussed in this session: Tablets, and smartphones.

Audience: Novice and intermediate. This session is for those who have a good understanding of the business objectives of their organization, and the basics of mobile learning.


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