Having a really great idea for a mobile learning application doesn't necessarily translate to success. With over 500,000 apps in the app store, and over 700 new app submissions every day, your employees undoubtedly know the difference between a good app and a bad app. Many businesses struggle to execute and implement their great ideas in a way that positively impacts their employee's performance. From impractical apps to unusable apps, a rush to market with fundamental failures throughout the process leaves employees disengaged and disenchanted.

Participants in this session will learn how to take their idea to finished app in 10 steps. You'll learn how to use the 10 steps to develop a mobile learning development strategy to increase your app's success. You'll also learn how to validate your idea before development and market it after development.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to validate your mobile learning idea
  • How to leverage existing staff's skill set to develop a mobile learning app
  • How to define your mobile learning app and prioritize features to help manage timelines and releases
  • How to ensure user success
  • How to measure success

Technology discussed in this session: All mobile technologies, platforms, and devices.

Audience: No prerequisite knowledge required.