Apple recently announced their reinvention of the textbook. With this, they noted a new piece of software that could not only revolutionize the way we think about textbooks, but the way we build interactive mobile material as well. With the newly announced free and easy-to-use iBooks Author, the questions are, How do we use it? How can we implement this in our mLearning Strategy? Is it even worth doing?

Participants in this session will learn the basics of iBooks Author - from Apple's pre-built templates, to creating chapters, pages, and glossaries. You will learn to turn textbooks into interactive training material through Apple's interactive widgets like Photo Galleries, Videos, Review Interactions, Keynote Presentations, Interactive Images, 3-D material, and even custom HTML5 interactions and animations. Developers can even build the majority of an interactive book by using the Word documents you may already have. Learn to build interactive, engaging material without any code required, making training material much more than just text on the screen.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to build interactive books or learning materials for iBooks
  • iBooks Author basics
  • How to leverage Keynote presentations
  • How to build interactive widgets for your book such as Photo Galleries, Videos, Review Interactions, Keynote Presentations, and Interact

Technology discussed in this session: Mac OS X, Keynote, Microsoft Word, Some HTML.

Audience: Mac OS X users and developers.