The challenge for some companies is pushing out effective, engaging, “trackable,” just-in-time eLearning or mLearning accessable around the globe through multiple kinds of devices. The more quickly we as trainers can push out effective eLearning, and the less time we take our employees away from the selling arena (aka corrupting selling time) or away from the customer service phones, the better off we are as a company.

The solution is to develop effective, just-in-time eLearning through a customized, all purpose template. That way, when the immediate demand for training occurs, the groundwork is already laid to add the content, do a Beta test, seek feedback from key stakeholders, and then push out the training to the group. This session will discuss the process and the training requirements, as well as demonstrate use of a Captivate template for pushing out eLearning on multiple devices.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to develop a reusable Adobe Captivate template
  • How to customize the template so you don’t need to start from scratch each time
  • How to determine what format you need to push out for which phones
  • How to track results on a Learning Management System

Technology discussed in this session: Adobe Captivate, iDevices, and Android devices.

Audience: Audience members should have basic knowledge of developing content in a Word processor or PowerPoint (text and pictures).