Courses and training programs call on a diverse collection of assets, including textbooks, training manuals, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and live speakers. Pulling all these assets into a coordinated learning platform presents opportunities and challenges. Are there cost-effective and scalable techniques to quickly assemble high-quality courseware from disparate content? A cost-effective and scalable eLearning solution is to add multimedia, interactivity, and assessment to a digital version of a textbook or training manual.

Participants in this session will learn about a collection of indispensable tools for writers and instructional designers in the digital domain. You’ll learn the top-five techniques required to produce engaging, effective, accessible, multimedia courseware usable in printed or digital format.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to assess the suitability of source text
  • How to find solutions for non-optimal layouts
  • How to plan digital assets
  • How to deal with divergent print and digital editions
  • How to keep learners on track regardless of format
  • How to select tools for digital output

Audience: Novice to intermediate participants. Hands-on production of training materials is useful, but not required. This session is suitable for CLOs and training coordinators, as well as instructional designers.