The rapid pace of business often makes the traditional needs assessment impractical. Companies sometimes are unwilling, or unable, to spend excessive amounts of hours and resources on comprehensive needs studies as part of their change-management initiatives. Additionally, the size and scope of many training projects doesn’t necessitate the need for a traditional, drawn out needs analysis. Unfortunately, this dilemma has left the corporate learning landscape littered with ineffective, directionless training programs.

Session participants will learn about the ANSWER Analysis, a model for a needs assessment that can keep pace with both business demand and rapid development technologies by avoiding the time and cost hassles associated with traditional needs assessments. You’ll learn how, using ANSWER, learning professionals will be able to expeditiously analyze complex employee and business development situations and create targeted solutions.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to facilitate a rapid analysis of organizational needs
  • How to customize an analysis methodology to suit your work context
  • How to produce a summary report of the analysis
  • How to introduce an analysis methodology to your organization (one that can easily go viral)
  • How to leverage a mobile tool to accomplish a needs analysis and produce a blueprint for moving forward

Audience: Intermediate participants should be familiar with the ADDIE model for instructional design and understand the basic concepts of traditional needs analysis, including job/task analysis and performance analysis.