The use of text-on-PowerPoint is still far too pervasive in the eLearning environment. Most people still fall prey to using too much of this art form. If a picture is worth a thousand words, why do we insist on putting those thousand words on our slides? This session looks at a graphical approach that enhances the learner experience. The Pecha Kucha model allows a creative, meaningful way to harness learner knowledge through audio and graphics. Pecha Kucha does not allow any text – only graphics in twenty 20-second audio sound-bites for an eLearning environment. This graphical, short-duration-to- content delivery focuses the learners’ recall and enhances their retention contributing to higher levels of performance improvement.

Participants in this session will be creating a Pecha Kucha in a team environment! Come learn how to use this model for your eLearning.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to turn social knowledge into a meaningful learning experience
  • How to create focused, powerful eLearning with simple resources
  • How to create eLearning that grabs learner emotion for high recall on the job
  • How to rapidly turn around eLearning content How to create interactive eLearning without a mouse
  • How to inspire learners about eLearning beyond just completing a module
  • How to develop eLearning as a team experience

Audience: Novice-to-intermediate participants should know how to use PowerPoint and Audacity, Articulate, or Captivate and how to record audio. While you’ll get a “library” of topics and graphics from the presenters, you may wish to come prepared with your own topics and graphics. Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop and mic/headphones to the session.