Whether you are part of a design team or working by yourself, keeping track of course information is vital. Time is wasted if course information or files are not organized. How can you manage a team or your time, if you don’t know the status of the courses, or provide an accurate measure of the time spent developing courses?

This session will discuss what information it is helpful to track, how to use Microsoft Access or Excel to track information, and suggest ways to use this information to stay organized. The information it is important to track to stay organized includes SMEs, date required, course status, etc. Discover how you can use this information to determine what is being and what was developed. Utilize the information as benchmarks, or to tell leadership the time spent on course development.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to identify the information that is helpful to track
  • Examples of how to track this information by utilizing Microsoft Access or Excel
  • How to use the tracked information to analyze and determine individual and group workloads
  • How to use the tracked information to establish routine course maintenance and reviews

Audience: Intermediate participants should have an understanding of Microsoft Excel and/or Access.