For too long, old paradigms, like pushing knowledge to a global workforce through disparate learning events, i.e. courses, has dictated to corporate learning. Effective learning needs to happen as a process, not as a series of disconnected events strung together out of context. In a new, integrated model for corporate learning, technology should seamlessly deliver carefully selected, timely, role-appropriate learning opportunities at the right point in a person’s career development – learner needs must drive the LMS, not the other way around. The Integrated Learning Manifesto offers a new model for corporate learning that is not driven by delivery method or media. Today's corporate learners’ desire learning that is Social, Relevant, Self-directed, Integrated, Focused, and Timely.

Session participants will learn about the early pilots of onboarding and leadership of a large global corporation that are moving towards the Integrated Learning model. You’ll explore how the Microsoft SharePoint platform can help speed the move toward integrated learning that bridges multiple corporate systems, including the LMS, HRIS, document repositories, and learning portals.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The six demands of today's corporate learners
  • The Integrated Learning Manifesto vision for personalized integrated learning
  • How the Microsoft SharePoint platform can enable integrated learning
  • How to begin taking steps toward integrated learning in your organization

Audience: Intermediate-to-advanced participants should be familiar with the typical corporate learning environment, and various systems found in the corporate HR ecosystem such as the LMS, HRIS, document repositories, and learning portals. Familiarity with Microsoft SharePoint is helpful.