This case study will review how Operation Lifesaver was able to create an engaging simulated experience for drivers of various types of trucks – from over-the-road semis to local delivery trucks. The end solution provided the experience for truck drivers to take three different trips and encounter various crossing types along the way. The end goal: making it safely to your destination, with the ultimate goal of getting into the “Haul of Fame.”

This case-study session addresses issues including creating engaging learning on a nonprofit budget, driving for behavior change, application vs. knowledge, and increased focus on great design principles and less focus on the tool or the budget. You’ll experience the course yourself, and you’ll learn how a non-profit was able to create such a great experiential learning program. It’s not about the investment or the tool used to create it – it’s about great design principles. Join us and spread the word – together we can help save lives.

In this session, you will learn:

  • It doesn't take a huge budget to create an engaging simulation
  • Some great design principles to drive performance outcomes
  • The meaning of application vs. knowledge
  • How to save lives at railway crossings

Audience: No previous knowledge needed.