With the economy unstable, the job market is also still unstable. Companies continue to downsize, or at least, not add people. Staff increasingly feels held hostage by their company. The increased workload, long hours, and threat of future downsizing has created slave-workers. Leaders feel oppressed as well, so leadership of any kind has left the building. Leadership has been off the radar for at least three years. Employees didn't need to be engaged in their work – they were lucky to have a job. Or so it seemed. This temporary situation is wearing thin, and employees are either looking for ways out or “quitting in place.” Either way, leaders must reconnect their staff to the company or face future workload and quality issues.

In this session, hopeful leaders will relearn how to re-engage employees. Through activities designed to build employee commitment, participants will leave with new ways to begin to grow their teams into a community with accountability and trust.

In this session, you will learn:

  • To identify the 10 competencies of a technical leader, and self-assess
  • To assess their own current engagement, and mitigate the results
  • To create a plan for re-engaging staff
  • To create productive, accountable teams

Audience: Intermediate participants should have responsibility for leading in an organization, either informally (through projects) or formally (through position).