Instructional designers need to understand the role mobile content plays (or will play) in their training and development strategy. If they are already creating mobile content, they need to make sure they are fully leveraging best practices. If they are new to mobile training, they need to understand how best to harness it for their audience’s benefit. All designers have to understand the changing technical landscape and get a strategy in place to ensure their mobile training is accessible in the rapidly approaching post-Flash world.

This session will outline the most common mobile training scenarios, thus providing a framework for participants to understand their own project needs. You’ll learn best practices in mobile content design for each scenario, along with design options and guidelines. You’ll discuss development and delivery options, so you’ll understand the implications of the decisions you make during training development. You’ll explore how to make captivating and meaningful content for all mobile and desktop platforms, review tools and techniques, discuss do’s and don'ts in designing mobile content, and get a framework to guide you through the tool selection and content development process.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The scenarios best suited for mobile training
  • Current industry best practices in mobile training development
  • What the death of Mobile Flash means to mobile training development
  • The current and future technology landscape for mobile training

Audience: Any instructional designer who understands the role of training and development in their organization and who needs to leverage mobile training as part of their training mix.