We all read. We all create training that has words. But we also all look at words and need to learn from them. We also are always looking at the type that the creator has decided to use in their learning. Type is a vitally important part of how people receive information. Good type selection can make eLearning more easily memorable, while bad type selection can make it difficult to remember the information presented, even if in story form. How can you be sure the type you use in all your projects is appropriate to your needs? How do you decide on a type font? How do type fonts affect what you learn from what you read? As a trainer, you probably don't think about type fonts very much, but you should. Since we all use type all the time, the correct selection of type for a project is vital to eLearning.

Session participants will see how the affordance of type selection makes a difference in how learners learn the information presented to them. By viewing information presented in different styles and fonts, you'll explore how different fonts, font weights, and font sizes work to enhance, and sometimes hurt, the learning experience.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why fonts make a difference in perception
  • How to determine what fonts give the affordances you'll need for learning
  • What type-fonts work and what type-fonts don't work
  • When to use different fonts, font sizes, and weights

Audience: No specific skill set is required.