ELearning professionals must come up with creative ways to reduce costs during lean times. Repurposing and reusing learning assets can be an effective approach to cost savings.
During this case-study session you will explore the ways that AKCEL (Akron Center for eLearning) at The University of Akron has reused existing learning objects in order to maintain quality and lower development costs during recent funding reductions. You will learn how they repurpose eLearning assets for reusablity, and how this has reduced the cost of developing an eLearning product, without sacrificing quality. You will see how a video repository that the organization developed for easy access and delivery of video learning objects reduced costs.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The rationale for developing eLearning assets at a granular level
  • How AKCEL learned to repurpose learning objects out of necessity
  • How a programmer can render learning assets to form a learning object
  • About the projects that AKCEL has repurposed: how, why, and what

Audience: Intermediate eLearning developers and eLearning managers.