Currently, many organizations are transitioning training records and tracking mechanisms into a LMS, which can be very time consuming and scary for a training team. Anyone struggling with holding the interests of both the boomers and the younger generations, and creating buy-in with these groups on new programs and new forms of technology, will benefit from this learning experience.

This session will walk participants through how to effectively manage the implementation of a new Learning Management System and an interactive learning program. You’ll get some key pointers, and pitfalls to avoid. You’ll get a project plan outline that will guide you through all the elements of how to implement a LMS from start to finish. You’ll learn how to manage an uncommitted team and gain trust and commitment, how to push the project forward without coming across as “pushy,” and how to incorporate interactive eLearning and cutting edge adult learning tactics to a workforce that is used to instructor-led training or that is not technologically savvy.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Key things to do or avoid in a Learning Management System implementation
  • How to create buy-in for a new program
  • How to effectively communicate change to an apprehensive workforce
  • The benefits of moving to an interactive scenario-based online learning platform
  • How to develop an interactive online program that employees will embrace

Audience: Anyone managing a system transition or incorporating eLearning into their organization, or those dealing with a workforce on the edge of retirement or with the learning transition between boomers and younger employees.