The information our employees and customers require lies with our subject matter experts (SMEs), who may have little to no content creation or presentation skills, and who often lack the time, motivation, and confidence to share their knowledge. Learning professionals, with potentially dozens of topics, time constraints, and limited budgets, are hard-pressed to gather this information from the SMEs to develop effective content. Managing and updating content with the ever-increasing speed of product development also creates a challenge. By educating your SMEs, implementing easy-to-use tools, providing support, and explaining the benefits of participating in the learning development process, the learning professional can focus on managing and promoting the training content.

Participants in this session will see eLearning and video examples, along with related content management and promotional ideas. The real-world examples document the construction of a robust training offering of SME-generated content in a manner that is flexible, scalable, and cost-effective. You’ll learn the tools for turning your SMEs into content developers, including rapid eLearning development tools, Webinar tools, digital video capture with video conferencing equipment (Web cams, or even iPhones), and blogs and social media including Twitter and Yammer.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to motivate your SMEs by showing them “what's in it for them”
  • The importance of teaching SMEs the basics of instructional design
  • The range of tools for rapid content development and how to build a suite of appropriate tools 

Audience: Novice-to-intermediate participants who need to engage their SMEs in the learning development process.