Creating change is always difficult, and to introduce a new way of learning and collaborating is not just about technology change, but also about behavior change. If you're planning to introduce social learning into your organization, you must grapple with issues of ROI, leadership support, audience involvement and uptake, system design, community management, and what not. You’ll learn from someone who has deployed three different generations of social learning platforms in his organization about the lessons he learned from them.

Session participants will walk through the simple steps to consider when introducing social learning in the enterprise. You’ll get a vision of how you can go about your own social learning implementation, and a checklist of items that you'll need to consider for your initiative. You will have some real ammunition to deal with the usual objections to social learning, and some answers to common questions.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to build a business case for social learning, and overcome common objections to it
  • How to manage the change of moving to a new approach, and involve leadership in the initiative
  • How to manage the community, and the investments you need to make for this
  • How to make an effective technology choice – what to build and what to buy
  • How to structure your learning ecosystem for maximum value and uptake

Audience: Novice-to-intermediate participants should have a basic understanding of social software and at least had some experience learning socially and setting up their personal knowledge management approach.