In the field of eLearning, rapid development holds the promise of getting quality eLearning presentations developed and delivered quickly, and typically focuses on a specific toolset to get the job done. Still, many instructional designers and SMEs find their rapid development is, at times, not rapid at all. While the tools available do significantly aid rapid development, they alone will not ensure success. Successful rapid development requires a workflow that is flexible, adaptable, and that supports rather than hinders the process.

Session participants will get tips and examples of how to help SMEs tackle the daunting task of pulling together their content, not by starting with technology but with their thoughts and a content map. The content map then serves as a guide for the production process. You’ll learn practical tips for producing content that include examples of production boards, design tips, and workflow management.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to keep your instruction looking polished and professional through standards, templates, and design
  • How to maximize workflow to decrease production time and keep production rapid
  • How to make decisions to ensure balance between complexity and effectiveness in eLearning content
  • How to get your SME over the hump of generating content

Audience: Novice-to-intermediate participants who are new to rapid development, such as Instructional Designers and Project Managers who already have started rapid development and are frustrated, or who want to know more.