Storyboards are not a new concept in media production. Using a database program to organize a media project is not unique. What is unique is applying the storyboard concept with a database. Rather than only the art department using storyboards, this system combines all of a project's elements through a single database in which you can organize a project's graphics, audio, video, locations, props, talent, and just about anything else you can think of.

Participants in this session will address the problem of managing the variety of communications disciplines required by any new media project. Using this method, the use of a single database-driven file, you can manage these aspects. Tying the variety of trails together into one conclusive weave allows managers of each discipline the ability to track their responsibilities within a project in the shared timelines. You’ll learn the advantages of this method of project development and management by using a sample project and the database software FileMaker.

In this session, you will learn:

  • A different way to manage multimedia projects
  • How to use FileMaker as production tool
  • How communication between departments makes a better team and product

Audience: Intermediate participants who have some knowledge of the complexities of a multimedia project. No matter what their involvement in such a project is, the knowledge about how to streamline a project will be of benefit.