The workforce was not using the current work instructions to build a highly specialized product at Northrop Grumman because of inconsistencies, and an overwhelming amount of text, concepts, and the use of certain visual graphics. This led to confusion and misunderstanding … resulting in high rework and low yield. In order to determine the best design solution, Northrop Grumman conducted an extensive study of the problem. This study, and the resulting product, has streamlined not only the ease of use of their build instructions but also provided new tools for the engineers and support staff to help build a knowledge base. It provides better training opportunities by helping to identify gaps and to standardize OTJ training.

Participants in this case-study session will learn about the infrastructure and methodologies Northrop Grumman used to create new content design, address conceptual training, provide basic skills training, and use the new platform to gather knowledge-and-process techniques.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to use simple iconic representation for visual cues
  • How to use a simple collaboration technique to capture knowledge using video and a wiki
  • How to use reusable objects for conceptual training
  • How to use 3-D modeling to aid in OJT training
  • A simple method to capture tribal knowledge
  • Ideas to help standardize training and make it available 24/7

Audience: Intermediate participants. Some knowledge of instructional design concepts may be helpful.