Building a community of practice after a learning event is critical to the learning transfer and development of skills. Many learners are not familiar with personal learning networks, or PLNs, and consequently miss out on opportunities to further develop critical business and management skills such as coaching. Social media is a platform for the delivery of learning and developing of these communities of practice, but many instructional designers do not know how to engage the learner and encourage the development of the PLNs.

Participants in this case-study session will learn the needs analysis, design, development, and implementation of the coaching-development program, and you’ll review the key learnings from the program. This program addressed the need to incorporate activities into the design of the program to build a community of practice with remotely based coaches using social media. 

In this session, you will learn:

  • The considerations when incorporating a social media platform into a program
  • The activities that engage and encourage participants to use social media platforms
  • The benefits of using social media
  • The details of a blended learning case study where social media was a component

Audience: Novice participants.