As the trend toward mobile learning and support grows, it's difficult to know where to begin. Instructional designers must play an important role in the development process, but the design considerations are difficult to sort out. Designers need information on how people actually use mobile phones and how to design for user habits. They also need to understand (at a high level) the technical considerations.

This session will sort through the disparate information on designing mobile performance support apps and explain the varied design issues the instructional designer will need to know about. You’ll get important resources, such as where to find pre-made icons for mobile apps, or which wireframe tools are available for creating mock-ups. Post-session participants should be able to know how to start designing an app, the design tools they can use, and the high-level technical considerations they'll need to address in discussions with programmers.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The important role that the instructional designer can play
  • How people really use their smartphones
  • What to consider when designing a mobile performance support app
  • How to write use-case scenarios for your app
  • How to wireframe your app
  • Where to find important resources for app design

Audience: Intermediate to advanced participants. No specific skills are required, but those who are experienced in designing eLearning will gain the most. (Note: This session will not teach how to program an app.)