Northeastern collaborated with a Fortune 100 client to deliver a large-scale online training program that focuses on business opportunities for professionals who must understand the language and mindset of the business and C-Suite executives who control corporate IT budgets. This successful online program helped the participants think strategically about enterprise growth and improved productivity. The original ILT program was too costly and lacked the necessary scalability for a worldwide workforce. The new program was delivered entirely online using synchronous and asynchronous technologies. It provided a scalable, cost-efficient means to deliver high quality and effective training to large numbers of participants in over 30 countries. It supported the client's needs by teaching business-centric solutions for selling across industries, and it engaged participants in a just-in-time, highly accessible, and successful training fitting into the client's learning roadmaps.

Participants in this case-study session will learn how to successfully migrate costly and time-consuming face-to-face training to an online environment to improve access and flexibility and reduce costs.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The advantages of delivering professional development in an online format
  • The steps to migrate existing F2F training to an online delivery format
  • Common tools and technologies used to deliver synchronous and asynchronous online professional development
  • Considerations for delivering synchronous online professional development worldwide
  • The survey data on the effectiveness of online delivery of professional development

Audience: Those interested in learning how to create a scalable program to replace ILT with online approaches.