There is still a belief out there in our training world that online learning is not as effective as classroom training. Online webinars are often seen as “less than” – less effective, less personal, less engaging. The bias towards in-person classroom training still exists, despite solid research that shows online learning can often be more effective. The debate over online learning has centered on the ways in which it is like or unlike classroom training.

This session will focus on the advantages of online learning from the perspective of Intimacy, Immediacy, and Inquiry. Participants will learn how online presentations are more intimate, fostering a one-to-one connection, instead of existing in a one-to-many environment. Online presentations are more immediate, allowing everyone to participate at the level where they are most comfortable, whether through Voice over IP, text chat, polling, or other method. While participants in a classroom may hesitate to ask questions, online learners are much more willing to do so. You’ll discover how the unique elements inherent in online learning allow instructors and participants to engage in learning with a new perspective.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The advantages of online presentation
  • The three principles of Intimacy, Immediacy, and Inquiry
  • How to apply the three principles to your online webinars
  • Instructional design methods to enhance your training webinars

Audience: Intermediate-to-advanced participants should have some experience in designing and delivering online presentations. Participants should be familiar with Instructional Design methods.