Interactive eLearning is not only engaging but it is also very effective. Adobe Captivate is a rapid authoring tool, but it is not straightforward to use if you want to achieve complex interactivity.

Participants in this session will learn how the Advanced Actions feature of Adobe Captivate helps you to achieve complex interactivity in eLearning content by combining different actions, using Variables  and the Advanced Actions feature. Using this feature, you can combine multiple actions and execute them on a single object, store the data, and reuse them through variables to achieve effective interactivity in the eLearning content.    

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to create the actions based on the requirements    
  • How to create user variables, and use system variables    
  • How to create standard and conditional Advanced Actions, and use them effectively    
  • How to reuse the Advanced Actions and variables in other projects                   
Audience: Intermediate designers, developers, managers, and others with basic computer skills, an eLearning background, instructional design experience, or basic Captivate skills.