In the corporate world, knowledge that never translates into action is worthless. The 21st century workplace demands that managers and professionals act in radically new ways, which requires new approaches to creating, refining, and sharing knowledge. Organizations must take advantage of their collective knowledge, but, since traditional knowledge management has failed, how do they do it? And, as individuals, self-service learners must make sense of a confusing, complex world in motion. There's lots of information; the problem is there's too much of it. In this session, you’ll learn how to skirt information overload and extract knowledge from the information tidal wave.

In this session, participants will learn how some organizations are pioneering active knowledge networks and online “collaboratories” to stay current and to continuously improve. You’ll learn that knowledge is constructed, not transferred. Every conversation is an experiment in knowledge creation – testing ideas, trying out words and concepts, continuously creating and re-creating our experience of life itself. Before you leave this session, we'll co-create the means to improve our personal relationships with knowledge in order to improve the actions of our organizations and ourselves.