Clicky-clicky bling-bling is eLearning with lots of whiz, lots of bang, lots of clicky-clicky in a lame attempt to add pizzazz to dry content and to make it more engaging. But once you unwrap the sparkle, sadly, all you’re left with is a load of eLearning junk. As instructional designers, it's easy to get entranced by shiny objects that add glitz and zing to a program. But there's a dark side to all that's shiny. If we want to create learning programs that truly have an impact, we need to focus on learning outcomes instead of bling.

Participants in this session will learn what the research says about adding glitz and glamour to online programs and whether it distracts or enhances the learning experience. You’ll get top tips for making eLearning that rises above the bling, and look at strategies for writing, graphics, games, and interactivity. You’ll learn how you can identify bling and stop it from spreading, and how you can keep the focus on effective learning. You’ll even learn how to use the appropriate amount of sparkle in the right places.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How you can recognize clicky-clicky bling-bling
  • What the research says about learning bling?
  • What tips you can implement immediately to make your designs more effective
  • How to evaluate whether the bling in my courses helps or hinders the learning experience
Audience: Intermediate designers and developers with some experience who are looking to push beyond their standard designs.