Now, more than ever, organizational success is dependent upon your organization’s ability to truly learn faster than the competition, and continuously improve both individual and organizational performance. Work today is more complex, constantly changing, and faster. More data, information, and knowledge needs understanding, synthesis, and application. The workforce is more global, diverse, dispersed, and mobile; work happens 24/7/365. Simultaneously, more technologies are available and being developed to enable learning to take place, not only in preparation for work, but at-the-speed-of-work.

In this session you will learn the key steps to developing a learning strategy that not only addresses your organizations’ challenges today, but also positions it for future success. You will also learn how to develop the two most important tactics in support of your strategy: 1) the organizational learning framework to ensure you are able to keep pace with your leaners’ and organizations’ needs; and, 2) the learning architecture that defines the tools, processes, systems, etc. to ensure cost-effective design, development, and delivery in today's economic environment.  

In this session, you will learn:

  • The challenges organizations face today that a learning strategy can address  
  • How to develop a learning strategy that meets today’s challenges and prepares for the future
  • How to develop a scalable learning framework encompassing formal, informal, non-formal, social, and future learning formats and on-the-job performance support
  • How to develop a learning architecture to support this framework that defines tools, processes, systems, etc.
Audience: Intermediate designers, developers, managers, executives and others.