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DevLearn 2011 Conference - November 3, 2011

Jenny Tsai-Smith

Senior Director, Curriculum Development
Oracle Corporation

Marcie Young

Consulting Principal Curriculum Developer
Oracle Corporation

As the volume of short eLearning snippets grows, it becomes more difficult to manage the collection of content and more difficult for users to find the nuggets that they need. With content creation becoming easier with a wide variety of powerful development tools, we need more effective and efficient methods for managing and searching the growing eLearning inventory.

Participants in this case-study session will learn how to build a digital learning library that offers easier content management, usage tracking, and better end-user experience. You’ll learn how Oracle built the Oracle Learning Library (OLL).

In this session, you will learn:

  • Basic content management requirements of a digital learning library
  • Basic user requirements of a digital learning library
  • A case study: building the Oracle Learning Library (OLL)
  • How you can get started building your own learning library
Audience: Intermediate designers, developers, managers, and others. An understanding of content management requirements and social media terms is required. Some prior exposure to database-driven Web applications is helpful.


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