SCORM has been around for 10 years, and the interoperability it enables has allowed the eLearning industry to blossom. But new learning experiences present new problems. ADL, AICC, and LETSI have some exciting projects in the works to support learning experiences beyond what SCORM currently enables. These projects aim to support out-of-browser experiences, mobile delivery, offline and occasionally-connected training, shared learning data, team-based learning, games, simulations, and more. There is an alphabet soup of projects and organizations, all striving towards the common objective of enabling truly advanced and effective online learning. To an outside observer, these projects are a maze of acronyms and geek-speak.

This session will separate the forest from the trees for you. Participants will learn all about Project Tin Can, ADL's Future Learning Experience Project (FLEx), AICC's CMI 5, PENS, and LETSI’s Runtime Web Services (RTWS). More importantly, you’ll learn how these pieces fit together and the new capabilities they will enable. You’ll be able to best utilize these emerging technologies and capabilities and be prepared to have intelligent conversations with vendors about these future directions and how you can begin to adopt emerging standards.

In this session, you will learn:
  • The new capabilities the next generation of SCORM will enable
  • To decipher the alphabet soup of eLearning standards projects
  • How standards are created (think sausage making)
  • How to influence the future direction of eLearning standards
Audience: Intermediate and advanced designers, developers, managers, and others who are familiar with SCORM at a conceptual level.