Integrated talent management remains one of our industry's most popular, yet perplexing, topics. Despite the obvious benefits of coordinating the elements of talent management across the organization, the number of truly integrated efforts is frustratingly small. Yet the hype has never been more pronounced. Despite a lack of solid examples in corporations today, most talent suite vendors claim to have numerous fully integrated deployments. The reality is that most of these vendors simply don’t have the capabilities yet today to provide a complete, integrated system because integrating all of the components remains a challenge. The good news for the learning profession is that research shows the L&D function plays a pivotal role in successful integration.

Participants in this session will explore learning and development’s role in integrated talent management. You’ll learn about several organizations that are successfully doing this today. You’ll discover the Talent Management Metrics of high performing organizations, and receive scorecards that measure Quality vs. Tactical metrics as well as a free chapter to the book The Executive Guide to Integrated Talent Management, which provides an overview of the subject.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The talent management practices of high-performing organizations
  • The scorecards that high-performing organizations use to effectively measure the quality of their talent initiatives
  • The unique role the learning function plays in uniting various human capital silos

Audience: Intermediate designers, developers, HR practitioners, and others with an understanding of learning, talent management, and talent technology.